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Christmas 2009

Sunday, December 27th, 2009 No comments

I really enjoy these 2-week Christmas breaks we get every year.  I know the dog likes having me around more.  I spent the first few days working on a few projects but since then I’ve been in full enjoyment mode.

I went to Jackson for Christmas, but stayed for only a day.  Once again I just wanted to be in my own home and the dog was unhappy being cooped up.  I didn’t have a lot of Christmas spirit this year until Christmas Eve.  I’ve enjoyed having a low-key year in terms of holidays and not doing much to celebrate.  Next year I think I want to start some of my own traditions.  Maybe I’ll do that traveling thing I keep telling myself I’m going to do.  One of these years I want to spend Christmas in my home even if I have to buy tickets for everyone.

Once again there weren’t a lot of gifts because people didn’t have money to spend.  I know Christmas isn’t all about getting presents, but I do miss getting presents.  I like being surprised.  Maybe things will be better next year.  What did I get?

  • Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 1 on blu-ray
  • A new wallet to replace the one I accidentally washed a while back
  • Dexter coasters (early present that I got a few months ago)

I did buy myself some CDs, clothes, video games, and blu-rays.  Every time I tried shopping for others, I found good deals on stuff that I wanted for myself.  I’m going to get good use out of everything.