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I Promise I’m Not a Rich Jerk

Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 No comments

I’m at a point again where I’m doing almost everything alone.  The #1 reason that my friends around here give for not doing things is that they don’t have the money.

I always say that I’m far from rich, but I do well for myself.  I remember a time when a candy bar or an item off the Wendy’s dollar menu was all I could afford to eat in a day.  Anything more would mean running out of money before my next paycheck.  I had to walk to class and work because I couldn’t afford to put gas in my car. Now I’m doing better.

I not talking about taking trips to Europe or the Caribbean, though that would be nice.  I’m pretty sure I won’t do that unless I have someone to go with me.  Short trips to nearby cities or local activities where no trip is involved are what I usually suggest.  They can’t do any of that.  Sometimes I just want to go to a movie, but I hear the same excuse. I love my friends, but it’s frustrating.  I do like to leave home occasionally and doing stuff alone all the time gets old.

Maybe money is just an excuse and they just don’t really want to go.  They seem interested in the ideas I bring up and I’m not always the one bringing up the ideas.  Maybe they just don’t want to go with me.

I guess there’s no real solution to this problem other than them increasing their income or saving more.  Or making more friends, which can be hard when you’re a busy adult.  I’m glad to have Internet friends from all over the place.  A lot of them do like to do things and we can meet up in other cities from time to time.  This makes me happy.

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PetSmart Opening

Saturday, November 5th, 2011 No comments

Speaking of things that aren’t in Starkville. Last week my friend John texted me that a PetSmart was opening in Columbus (about 25 miles away) last Saturday, which was a week ago today. He said that he would be there with his dog, Bailey, and suggested that I bring Reese. I had no idea this store was opening. I hadn’t been to Columbus in several months. I’ve wanted to take Reese to a PetSmart and spoil him for a while now.

I got there with Reese a little after they opened at 9am. John was already there with his cousin, her partner, and all of their dogs. There were so many people and so many dogs there. Like John said, it was like Comic-Con for dogs. The place was packed and it was cool being around so many pet lovers. A lot of them wanted to pet Reese and Bailey. My biggest concern was that sometimes Reese doesn’t listen to me when he sees someone he wants to play with, but he was on his best behavior. He was trying to run off every 5 seconds, but at least he listened when I told him come back or keep going. Eventually I got a cart and we put Reese and Bailey in there. It was much easier to get around the store that way.

Bailey and Reese at PetSmart Bailey and Reese at PetSmart

The store gave away some free toys and treats. I got a few items for Reese that I had planned to order from Amazon. We stayed away from the adoption area, which is good because I didn’t need to come home with another dog. PetSmart had a picture area in one part of the store and they stopped and asked us if we wanted to get out picture taken for free.


I can see myself using this store a lot for as long as I’m in the area. It’s nice to have a good pet store nearby.

Good Luck, John

Friday, May 9th, 2008 No comments

Today, my roommate and friend John is leaving Starkville. He got a new job in Jackson and will be living in Brandon. His first day is on Monday. I’m glad that he’s starting on a career and that he’ll be getting out of Starkville, but I’m going to miss having him around. The good thing is that he’s not that far away and we’ll probably be able to meet up from time to time. Just reminiscing right now.