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My Comcast Ordeal

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014 No comments

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting a call from the same number every few days “on behalf of Comcast” to tell me about special offers that Comcast has. I’m assuming that Comcast hires an outside company to do this, but I just consider this to be a call from Comcast. I get calls like this from Comcast from time to time. I estimate that I get them no more than once or twice a year. I tell them I don’t want to make any changes and they leave me alone for many months. This time, Comcast has been very annoying. For a while, I would answer the phone and they would hang up without saying anything. Now they will at least respond to my hellos.

I normally interrupt them and they try to continue on with their script, so I eventually say that I’m not interested and hang up. Last Friday I let the call go on longer because I was in the middle of a walk. The person said, “So you don’t want to take advantage of these deals?” I said “No” and not to call me anymore. Then I hung up.

Today is Wednesday and I’ve gotten calls the past 2 days. I had decided today to let them get to the end of their script without agreeing to any upgrade. The person on the phone asked me what I do to watch TV. I lied and said that I stream everything. Either the call was interrupted or she hung up. I am in a building where I don’t get good reception, so I think the call was interrupted. This makes me believe that they will call me again within the next few days.

The incident with Ryan Block and Veronica Belmont that’s been in the news reminded me of my own ordeal. I’m seriously thinking about switching to Version FiOS even though it will cost me more money. I just hope that their ordeal will make it easier for me to cancel my service if it comes to that.

I’m Through With Sprint

Saturday, March 28th, 2009 No comments

I have been a Sprint customer for over 5 years. I’ve done my share of defending them even when I’ve felt screwed by them because they always seemed to make things right in the end. This time it’s different. Now I can see why they have the worst customer service ratings and are hemorrhaging customers.

I bought a new phone from Sprint near the end of October 2008. The price I believe was $279.99 plus tax but they applied credits to bring the cost of the phone down to $50 plus tax. Before the end of the first 30 days, I decided the phone. It was freezing up all the time and I just didn’t like it. In early December I called to see how much I my balance would be after they credited my account for the phone. The CS Rep told me that I would be credited the $279.99 plus tax and with the credits they had already applied to my account I would have a negative balance. I got him to explain repeatedly that those credits wouldn’t be taken away and I would be credited for the full amount of the phone. I was happy to hear this and even though it seemed odd, I thought that was just the way Sprint did things. How silly and trusting of me.

I called in January about that balance still on my account. It takes them 1-2 billing cycles to credit refunds. They put in a payment arrangement on my account for the $279.99 plus tax to cover the still pending refund and I paid the difference between that and the balance on the account. The same thing happened in February. Later in February I decided to try a different phone model because I was still unhappy with the old model I’d had for a while and tried to replace in October. Somehow the lady got the returned phone credited to my account during that call. When I got my next statement I had a balance of over $300 dollars. It turns out that I was credited about $60 for the returned phone instead of the $279.99 plus tax that I was promised 3 times.

It was explained to me that I could be credited only the amount that I was charged and not the $279.99 plus tax. The Rep I talked to this day said that the earlier reps probably didn’t see those credits made to my account, but I know that at least the first person did. I feel like I was lied to for 3 months. Even if it was a mistake, they should honor the original promise that was made to 3 times. I was going on the assumption for months now that I would be credited $279.99 plus tax and a balance has accumulated. I have been a contract customer for over 5 years and have always paid my bills on time. If I can’t break a promise to pay them, then it seems like they can’t break a promise to me.

I had this case escalated to their “executive office” and I was once again denied a refund. He said that if I was unhappy with the decision he would discuss it among his colleagues and reach a final decision. Not surprisingly, they agreed with him.

I guess it’s time to finally end my relationship with Sprint. When I got the 2nd new phone in February, I had to renew my contract for 2 years. If I break my contract now, I have to pay a an early termination fee, which I think is $185. Of course they said that they wouldn’t let me out of the contract without the fee. I have to decide if I want to pay that fee and get out of my contract or wait 2 years until the contract ends. Either way I’m gone. It’s hard to do business with a company that I cannot trust.