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That can be my next tweet!

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011 No comments

I think it was last week that I kept seeing “” in people’s tweets.  It didn’t make sense and I figured I had just missed something since I was in a training class and wasn’t following Twitter closely.  It turns out that particular site “generates future tweets based on the DNA of your existing messages”.  I generated 10 tweets for myself.  I guess I say “wow” and “lol” a lot.

  • Got a week. yes, brand new trending topic location is Ealmart getting Portal 2 Launch Mississippi gains.
  • DirecTV customers can see him in my iPhone cam around I like it yes wow lol Bad Des!
  • Anybody getting hungry again and stones may break my least favorite season 1 Watched a good things about.
  • I like the rest of someone lol I’m at the house hunters I had a long time flies They a week.
  • I like the week 😀 Sorry, I don’t remember this video out — Destructive Jackson, MS It’s a case for HBO?
  • I saw it to be waiting a week. yes, brand new camera Wednesday and Castle he was having yes wow lol I?
  • You could see Wilfred now I am watching Hereafter Check this email I was surprised when it yes wow lol I.
  • Marking another one does not much, dude. Hope you’re doing good way tonight lol after I can see him in.
  • Teehee xbox preview at the rest of Tokyo 8), Kanye West 5) & Green Day 3) oh…
  • Oh that new trending topic location is that one lol hi tornado watch viva la revolution burger It’s.