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Let’s See What Happens

Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 No comments

I updated my resume on Dice recently and applied for a few positions just to see what might happen. Shortly afterwards I started getting a flood of emails and phone calls from tech staffing companies. This has happened before. Talking to them ended up being a waste of time. I think it is best to work directly with the companies that are hiring. I did say that I would at least consider every opportunity presented. I just wasn’t going to go out of my way unless I was really interested. I wish they would pay attention to my location preferences, because I’m being told about opportunities all over the place.

One staffing company presented my resume to Walmart. Walmart apparently acts very quickly. After 1 quick conversation with the staffing company, Walmart was ready to fly me out to their headquarters in Arkansas for an interview. The staffing company made it sound like there was a good chance I could receive an offer while I was there. After thinking about it, I told them I would pass on the interview. I don’t think I was to live in Northwest Arkansas. I think that’s in the Ozark region. It seems like it would be like living in Starkville, maybe worse. The types of businesses I was looking for weren’t close by and it’s one of the most conservative areas in the country. Also, the population isn’t as diverse as I would’ve liked. The cost of living in that area is about the same as Starkville and I would have been making a lot more money, but it wasn’t worth it. I should have said no sooner. Not only do I not like the location, but I am philosophically opposed to working for Walmart. I don’t even shop there anymore unless I need something quickly that I can’t get at the grocery store.

A software company in my hometown area in central Mississippi started show interest in me. Their website says that you don’t have to be Christian, but you have to abide by their Christian-based ideals to work for them. That was an immediate turnoff. I’m fine with Christians, but I’m not one and I don’t think that should be in the workplace unless it’s religious field. I found information online from either current or previous employees. Apparently, you’re encouraged to be a good Christian and support the Republican Party. If, like me, you’re not Christian and Republican, you probably won’t fit in there. I had pretty much made my decision to not pursue them any further when they invited me with just a few hours notice to an event they were having on campus. I declined, saying that I had another engagement. That engagement was going to the gym and getting home in time for the Community season premiere. I haven’t heard from them since.

I’m getting tons of phone calls and emails, but I’m ignoring most of them for various reasons. It’s nice to feel wanted, but it’s also nice that I can be picky. I’ll keep testing the waters for a while.

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