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Fringe’s Farewell

Monday, January 21st, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Last summer, my #1 show ended. My #2 show at the time, which became my #1 show, was Fringe.

I remember watching the first 2 episodes when they aired, but I gave up on the show after that. Because people said the show got better and I have to watch everything J.J. Abrams produces, I started recording it again. After the season ended, I caught up on the episodes I missed and I loved it. Not all of Fringe was great, but it had a lot more good than bad. It had great characters, great acting, and imaginative story lines. Fringe should have gotten a lot more recognition than it did.

Fringe aired its last episode Friday night around the time I was leaving for Vegas. I have a history of missing Fringe finales. I watched it this morning. I was very satisfied with how it ended. I’m glad that the show made it to 100 episodes and was brought to a satisfying conclusion.

I’m going to miss having new episodes of Fringe on my TV. I think a re-watch is coming soon.