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Some Things to Do In 2012

Saturday, December 31st, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Here’s my list for 2012. Hopefully I’ll have an even better success rate than I did in 2011.

  • Listen to music more. I want to try to get back into music like I used to be.
  • Read 20 books. I read 17 this year according to Goodreads. 20 should be doable.
  • Go to a Halloween party. I’ve never been to one or even dressed up for Halloween. That needs to change.
  • Go to a Christmas party. I’ve never been to one of these either.
  • Buy new clothes. I shouldn’t have any excuses not to this year. I want to buy a few nice things while I’m at it.
  • Meet new people. I should meet plenty of new people in Portland.
  • Do social gaming. Whether it’s board games or online video games, I want to game more with other people. Playing with by myself gets old after a while.
  • Start buying collectibles. I want to grow my collection of geeky items. I have Star Trek, Doctor Who, and Dexter-related items, but I want more.
  • Let me know what you’re doin with the XBox and maybe we can co-op sometime.

  • @Randall Will do!

  • What are you, a hermit? You’ve never been to a holiday part? What would your costume be for a Halloween party? You should go as one of your favorite superheroes.

    I would suggest doing a non-video game to fill your social quota. The defacto D&D is what comes to mind first because that’s what I did, and while it wasn’t really my cup of tea in terms of the game itself, it introduced me to some wonderful people and thus onto more great people that are now great friends. I met Jared, Erica, Lindsey and all the CAVEradio people by way of D&D. So you can hit two birds in new people and social gaming if you play your cards right. On-line gaming with friends is fine but in the end you’re still on your couch playing video games.

    And I think you need to document (ie, photo) your current geek collection…I have my doubts. And might I suggest action figures as a collectible. They seem fun and I wish I could afford to collect more. You’ll find them for everything…Star Trek, video games, TV and wrestling.

    Have a good 2012, buddy. Have fun in Portland!

  • @Brian I was thinking about either going as a superhero or as Madea from those Tyler Perry movies for Halloween.

    I tried D&D once and it just wasn’t for me. If I find a good comic book store, maybe they’ll have some stuff going on.

    My geek collection consists of an Enterprise pizza cutter, a 10 Doctor sonic screwdriver, and a set of coasters that look like Dexter’s slides. I have some BattleStar Galactica action figures on my wish list I think. My toys from childhood are in storage at my mom’s house, but I haven’t seen those in years. I do like the idea of documenting everything, so maybe I’ll start a photo album.