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DC Universe Online

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

DC Universe OnlineIt’s been almost 7 years, but I have finally found another MMORPG that I can get into: DC Universe Online. It’s not perfect, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s not weird that I like this game because the last MMORPG that I really got into was City of Heroes. I guess I like being a superhero.

I bought the PS3 version and it is taking time to get used to playing an MMORPG on a console. I pre-ordered this version before I got a new PC in November. My old PC wouldn’t have handled it well. I never thought to change my order. I don’t really like playing computer games these days anyway. I think the lengthy download that takes place before you can play the game might not have taken so long on the PC, but I don’t know that for sure. Menu navigation and chatting is awkward (even with a keyboard) on the PS3, but combat is as easy as any other game. I have heard about some issues that have caused them to have to take the servers down, but those seem to take place when I’m not playing.

The missions usually are “defeat x number of this kind of enemy” or “do this action x number of times”, but that’s pretty standard for this type of game. I just like going out and using my superpowers on people, leveling up, and gaining new powers. I did my first arena mission yesterday with 3 other players and it was a blast. I want to do some pvp stuff, but the wait time on those is too long.

I think the main reason I like this game so much is that it’s set in the DC Universe. You start out in either Metropolis or Gotham City. You also have access The Watchtower. I have a feeling they’ll add more areas later, but you have plenty to do as it is. I geek out every time I see a DC character standing around and it’s cool to fight alongside them.

I have two characters, both on the Crisis server. One is Heatstorm, a fire-based character. The other is Dr Destiny, a sorcery-based character.  I think I’ll get a lot of play time out of this game.  I might’ve bought a lifetime membership, but that option isn’t available on the PS3. Oh well.