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40-Hour Games

Friday, June 8th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I remember coming across an article last year called The Mythical 40-Hour Gamer. I can understand the points that the author makes. It’s hard for me to spend 40+ hours on a single-player game. Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time to work on it, but usually I just start to lose interest. While I’m playing a game, I’m constantly being distracted by other temptations.

Whenever I play a long game, it normally takes me months or even years to beat. I’ll play it here and there for a few weeks, move on to other games, and then start playing the original game I started again many months later. It’s not that I don’t enjoy whatever game I would have started, I just get the urge to try other games. As much as I say I’m going to work on only one game at a time that never happens. If I do spent a lot of time on a long game, I try to play a shorter game before I play another long one.

One thing that has helped me focus on a game until completing is playing co-op games with my friend John. If someone else is excited about the game, it helps motivate me to keep coming back to the game. It’s easier to block out all the other distractions if I’m hanging out with a friend. Also, it makes playing more fun. Where spending 50 hours on a solo game may seem like a lot, it only seems natural to spend 100-200 hours on a co-op game. If only they made more co-op games.