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Pride Month 2023

Thursday, June 29th, 2023 Leave a comment Go to comments

This has been an exhausting month. Not just because of Pride Month.

So Portland moved its Pride to July this year. Several reasons. I wish it hadn’t happened, but we just have to live with it. I guess that means a long Pride celebration. I say that because a lot of Pride celebrations still happened this month, and many during the normal weekend it would have happened. I think in some cases they may have already booked the date before they knew about the change to July. Some may be because they prefer June because it’s officially Pride month.

Anyway, went to see the Distant Worlds Final Fantasy concert with Cory. Went to a Janet Jackson concert.

Went to Blow Pony for the 2nd time in 2 months. Went to a Juneteenth party at CCs, which only included black performers. Went to the Red Dress Party for the first time. It was kind of a last minute decision. I went out almost every night for 10 nights in a row. But since that streak ended I haven’t been out at all.

More details on some of these later.

Happy Pride!