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Aunt Juanita

Wednesday, November 30th, 2022 Leave a comment Go to comments

Earlier in the month we lost my aunt Juanita, or Nita as everyone called her. I found out about it after leaving game night at CCs on a Wednesday night because her son (my cousin) posted about it on Facebook. It was a shock to me. My family tends to keep illnesses from me for some reason.

She was one of my favorite relatives. Very funny. Very caring. She loved her family. One memory that has stuck with me was at a family event when I was in grad school or maybe had just finished grad school. She said in front of the whole family that showed me I would have at least one person on my side when I came out, which I hadn’t at the time.

We had recently reconnected on Facebook. She liked and commented on all of my posts. Many times when she would see me out and about somewhere she would tell me to have fun. When she passed I realized it had been a few weeks since I had heard from her.

I wish I had gotten a chance to see her one last time.