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Rainbow Moon

Saturday, July 14th, 2012 No comments

I think I’m going to like this game.

The Return of the PS3

Saturday, January 8th, 2011 3 comments

I got my PS3 back today.  It was supposed to be here yesterday, but I wasn’t home to accept the package from FedEx.

Sony sent me a new machine.  They did return the 500 GB hard drive that I had installed, which confirms my belief that the hard drive failure wasn’t the problem.  Since the hard drive is in a new machine, I had to format it to use on that machine. All of my data is gone.  Oh well.  Things could’ve been worse.

I’m happy to have my PS3 back.  I got in back only 7 days from the time I sent it in if you don’t count the New Year’s Eve holiday and missing FedEx yesterday.  I’m glad Sony returned the game that was stuck in the machine. I can watch blu-rays again and I can play DC Universe Online when it’s released on Tuesday.  I hope this one lasts a lot longer than the first one.



Thursday, December 30th, 2010 2 comments

Well, my PS3 died Sunday or Monday night. Today is Thursday and I just received the coffin that I’ll use to send it to Sony for repair. I was in the middle of playing Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune when it happened, so I won’t get to beat that during Christmas break like I wanted to. I also have to scrap my plans to watch the new Sherlock series on blu-ray this week.

I know there are videos online that show you how to open up the PS3 and fix it, but I don’t want to do that. I have a feeling that I’d damage it more and have to buy a new one, which is more expensive than the $100 Sony is charging me to fix it.

I’m kind of disappointed that this happened, though it isn’t that much a surprise. People criticize Xboxes for having a high failure rate, but consoles in general don’t seem to last long these days. I bought my on Tax Day in 2008, partially because I was mad at owing the IRS money. I would’ve gotten one eventually even if I didn’t get it on that day.

I hope they can fix it fairly simply and return the disc that’s stuck inside, but my biggest concern is that I’ll lose all of my data. The lady on the phone said they won’t format the HD if they don’t have to, but the material that came in the coffin said that they will definitely format it. I don’t want to have to download everything from the PlayStation Network again on my slow Internet connection, and I really don’t want to lose all of my save games.

I’m hoping for the best.

Tax Day 2008

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008 No comments

Today is Tax Day. I started on my return online a couple on months ago. I realized that I was going to owe the IRS for the first time, so of course I’m waited until the last day to pay them. I just finished my return.

I’m going to celebrate Tax Day by buying a PS3. I’m not buying any games. I just want to use it to watch movies. I’m not sure that I’ll buy any Blu-ray DVDs anytime soon, but I’ll rent some.

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