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Massive Multimedia Update

Saturday, July 5th, 2008 1 comment

I remember reading Childhood’s End a while back and getting to the point where humanity didn’t have to work for a lot of and people became absorbers of media. It made me think of how much time I spent watching TV, playing games, listening to podcasts, etc. It’s fun. I can do what I want with my free time :). Here’s some of the stuff that I’ve gotten into over the past few months.

Robot Chicken: Season 2I rented Robot Chicken: Season 2. Still hilarious. Some of my favorite skits:
• The Neverending Story
• Final Fantasy VII
• E.T.
• Captain Planet/Ted Turner
You can probably find these skits on YouTube if you don’t want to get the DVDs.
BlackSite: Area 51I played BlackSite: Area 51 on the Xbox 360 on an off over a couple of months. Those commercials with the little girl made me want to play it. Fun game with excellent graphics. Not the best first person shooter, but still good.
PortalI finally played Portal. Now I know what everybody’s been talking about. It’s a first person shooter puzzle game. I felt smart when I figured out some of those puzzles.
Five DaysFive Days was a British miniseries that came on HBO. It was an interesting concept. You get to see 5 days out of a 79 day missing person investigation. Neat, but I got bored.
John AdamsJohn Adams was an HBO miniseries that I actually liked. I love those historical dramas. Guess what it’s about.
In TreatmentIn Treatment was an interesting show that came on HBO. It’s about a therapist named Paul and his patients. It came on 5 nights a week and you got to see the same patient each Monday, each Tuesday, etc. On Fridays you got to see his sessions with his own therapist. It started out really slow and I thought about only watching the episodes with the patients that I liked. However, I stuck with it and about 3 weeks into it got really good. I’m interested to see what it’s going to be like next season.
Enchanted ArmsEnchanted Arms is a strategy RPG that I played on the Xbox 360. It’s a pretty good. I found myself getting bored at times. You spend way too much time scrolling through dialog. And there’s no animation during a lot of those scenes. You just see images of the characters in the foreground that change occasionally. The graphics are great and the battles are fun. It has a flamboyantly gay playable character. The manual says that he’s a transvestite. *Spoiler Alert* After he supposedly dies early in the game, he goes around disguised as someone else. At the end he reveals that he did so because the stuff he had to do to help save the world wasn’t ladylike. Fun stuff.
LOST: Via DomusIf you’re a fan of LOST, you might want to play LOST: Via Domus. It’s not a long game and you get easy achievement points. I had heard that the executive producers of LOST said that the ending to this game wasn’t a dream, so that meant that I definitely had to play it. I’ll give you a link to the ending so you don’t have to suffer through the game.
Planet EarthI rented Planet Earth and it looks awesome in HD. Enough said.
Lost OdysseyThe Lost Odyssey commercials with that Jefferson Airplane song made me want it. It’s a really good game. I haven’t gotten to the end. I really need to get back to it.
Halo 3I’m got around to playing Halo 3 only about 9 months after everybody else played it. I liked the game and the story. I’m not really sure about the ending. I’m going to start playing multiplayer this weekend. Some of the guys at work are having a Halo night next weekend.
Heavenly SwordHeavenly Sword is the first game that I’ve played on the PS3. I decided to rent it from Gamefly since reviews said that it was as short game. It’s a very good looking game and a lot of fun to play. It reminds me a lot of God of War. It is a pretty short game, which is fine by me. The final boss fight is annoyingly hard, and I almost gave up on the game because of it. But a couple of weeks later I picked it back up and beat it. Score!

What’s in a Dream?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008 1 comment

I had some more weird dreams the night before last.

In one dream I was at Northpark Mall in Ridgeland with my sister and brother-in-law. When it was time to go, I left them to return to my car, which was in a parking garage even though in reality there are no parking garages at the mall. I discovered that a gang had taken over the parking garage and they were all pointing guns at me. I asked some of them if I could go to my car and they directed me which way to go. They were sending me through door after door and it became obvious that they weren’t taking me to my car. When I tried to get away somebody pulled out a knife and stabbed me. That’s when I woke up.

The next dream had me in some kind of scavenger hunt/contest where each clue would send my team to our next destination where we would find another clue and so on…. It reminds me of that show Drive, which not many people saw. My team was trying to figure out where we needed to go next. I thought I was begin clever in the way that I interpreted the clue we were working on, but it turns out that I led my team into a trap. The bad guy that was holding us said that one of us had to die. He drew a random number and that was the number 6. Guess what? The number 6 was my number. I was taken into a room with a toilet. A tablet dropped into the toilet from the ceiling and the room began to fill with gas. That’s when I woke up.

Weird, huh? It makes me think of that song “Mad World”:
And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had

I wouldn’t say they are the best, but they are interesting. I also had a dream about playing Lost Odyssey that night. I bought it a couple of weeks ago, but still haven’t played it.

Lost Odyssey Advertisement

Saturday, March 22nd, 2008 No comments

I had heard about Lost Odyssey before it was released and knew that I would get around to playing it sooner or later.  Around the time it came out I saw an advertisement for it on TV.  I knew right then that I would want to play it sooner than later and that I wanted to download the song that was playing.  I now know that the song is “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.  I downloaded the advertisement on Xbox Live and I’ve already watched in several times.  I’ll probably watch it many more times until I get the game.  It’s one of the best video game advertisements that I’ve ever seen.  Lost Odyssey will definitely be the next game that I play.