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Stop Trying to Change Me

Monday, March 21st, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

I may gut punch the next person who tells me I’m too quiet, I need to talk more, I need to be more outgoing, I’m too shy, etc. I had a great weekend this past weekend, but I got tired of these kinds of comments. After 30 years of this, I’ve had about enough.

I don’t think of myself as shy. I am fucking social butterfly. I’m not nervous around people. Yes, I’m reserved. I often like to listen more than I like to speak, especially in groups. I usually think before I speak. But that’s not the same as being shy. I’ll talk when I want to talk. Fuck off!

Being quiet does not mean I’m not outgoing. I picked up my life and moved across the fucking country. I go out socializing almost every week. I have an organizer role in 2 of the social groups that I’m a part of. I’ve made loads of new friends. I’ve done some dating. I joined one sports team and might be joining another one this week. How much more fucking outgoing should I be? I realize that not everyone pays attention to what I’m doing, so they might think that I’m a hermit that barely leaves the house and barely has human contact.

So, people should stop trying to change me to be more like them. Maybe they’re uncomfortable, but I’m great. I’m in one of the best periods of my life.