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I Am Sexy

Saturday, July 4th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments


Wow! My dating life has taken off over the past couple of weeks. It’s not surprising that losing fat and putting on some muscle can make you much more appealing. People have told me that I seem more confident and my attitude has changed. I’d like to think that has something to do with it as well, but that part could be a direct result of losing fat and putting on muscle. But I guess physical appearance is what makes them interested in the first place.

I’m 36 and the guys that I have been out with lately are all between 20 and 25. I’ve seen one guy twice. This is surprising to me because most guys that young are only interested in guys around that age. In my experience, at least. I have been told that I look younger than I actually am though. It’s nice to hear guys tells me that I’m sexy, that I’m fun to hang out with, and they had fun when we did adult-type activities together.

Growing up, some of my friends would tell me that I wasn’t any fun to hang out with. Some of them would act like they were my friends, but would talk about me behind my back. This kind of thing lasted even into my college years, so even now I’m sometimes surprised when people like me and want to hang out with me.

When these nice, young guys are saying great things about me, there’s a small part of me that thinks there must be a catch. Are these guys up to something? Are they having fun at my expense? Is this some kind of joke? How can they like me?

Hopefully one day I’ll be able to get over these kinds of doubts and truly accept these guys as genuine. I know that I’m awesome and all the friends I’ve made in recent years and dates I’ve had in recent weeks are learning it as well.

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