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Summer Time, Part 2

Monday, August 9th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Summer has flown by. Fall classes begin next week. It’s one of my favorite times of the year because Starkville and MSU become more alive. Even though summer break ends next week, we still have a little longer before the summer season ends. 44 more days. We should be getting some relief from the heat before then, right? This heat is making me miserable.

I didn’t move at the end of July like I thought I would. My landlord said I could stay where I was and he would put the person that had rented my place in a different one down the street. I’m glad because I wasn’t looking forward to moving.

About a month ago my back starting killing me all of a sudden when I was walking to my car after work. It was hard for me to stand up straight for about a week. It’s feeling better now, but it’s still not 100%. My wrist and shoulders are also hurting and my thumb has been popping constantly. It all started around the same time. The doctor seems to think it’s from too many hours working at a computer, but I don’t think she really knows. Nothing that I’ve tried has helped much. I hope I can start back exercising soon so I can re-lose the weight I had already lost.

It seems like every day I wish that I were somewhere other than here. I want to go back to Texas. I want to go to California. I want to go to New York. One of these days….

  • And don’t forget about a stop in Ohio! New York is overrated 😉 And living costs in Ohio are pretty reasonable too.

    Yeah, I hear you with the sitting pains. On the days where I don’t make a point to get up all that often, by 5pm my shoulders are killing me. My office chair sucks, my monitors are not at the right level, and I can’t stand overhead lights.

    On days where I get up more often, even if to just walk to the front door, look outside and then walk back, are days where I hurt less. Even a walk to the water cooler every 30 minutes helps.

    Can you complain about your work environment and get a better setup? I did that at one place I worked and then got me a new chair and built me a little shelf for my monitors so everything was ergonomically better.

  • @Morning Toast New York would probably just be a visit. I don’t know if I could live there.

    I doubt that complaining would do much good because of money issues. I’ve already had to buy some stuff for myself around here.

    I’m trying to remind myself to get up more often. Sometimes an entire morning or afternoon passes and I realize I haven’t left my desk once.