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Trauma Center: Second Center

Thursday, March 29th, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have officially given up on Trauma Center: Second Opinion. The last time I played I was stuck on a “mission”, but I have since then read a way to beat it. The main reason I gave up on it was because I wasn’t really enjoying it anymore. I was mostly playing just so I can say that I finished it, which at this point is probably just a waste of time. Weeks go by without me even touching the game. When I do play, it’s not very long before I want to stop. The story is uninteresting and the missions are annoying. There was one where I had to diffuse a bomb using my surgical equipment. Weird!

Another factor is that the Wii seems to be more fun when you’re playing with others. As much as I like Twilight Princess, one of the most fun sessions I’ve had on the Wii was a few nights ago when there was about 6 or 7 drunk people around playing Wario Ware. Hilarious!

I rented Trauma Center from Gamefly. When I joined Gamefly, I said that I didn’t want to keep games for longer than a month. I’ve had Trauma Center for almost 3 months. At the rate that I’m paying, I could have bought the game for the amount I’ve spent on renting it. Ridiculous!

So, I guess my point is to not buy Trauma Center. Rent it because it is fun and interesting in the beginning. Move on if you ever start to feel annoyed with it. Maybe I stopped too soon, but I don’t think it does enough to make you want to keep playing. Disappointing!